Désert d'hiver

Posted by Léon photographies (Saint-Priest-des-Champs, France) on 22 December 2014 in Architecture and Portfolio.

Millau - Place du Maréchal Foch (Aveyron), France

C'était une promenade d'hiver qui nous emmena dans les rues de Millau alors désertées de ses habitants. Enfermés dans ce brouillard hivernal des Grands Causses, la ville vivait au ralenti en attendant l'été à l'économie salvatrice. Nous marchions dans ce désert urbain comme de vieux amis qui se retrouvent, dans une intimité perdue qui se retrouve au fil des ruelles.

That winter walk brought us to the streets of Millau now deserted from its people. Enclosed in this winter fog of the Grands Causses region, the town was living slowly while waiting for the summer. We were walking in this urban desert like it was two good old friends meeting again, in this lost intimacy that can be found again along the little streets.

From inside cultures, people and countries, Léon wants to reflect the world as it is. With and without lines, Léon tries not to lie about what he sees and lets know what people express, and what landscapes tell. Photographic work processed with films (Ilford HP5, XP2, FP4, Pan 100 & Pan 50, Portra 800, 400 & 160, Velvia 100 & 50, Sensia 100, Ektar 100, APX 100, Fomapan 200, Tri-X 400, Rolleï 400, BW400CN & Superia 400) by Nikkormat FS, 1968 & Praktica MTL5, 1984.


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