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Lumière imparable

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Léon photographies (Saint-Priest-des-Champs, France) on 24 December 2017 in Architecture and Portfolio.

Queuille - At the church (Puy-de-Dôme), France

Alors que la nature virevoltait dans l’air chaud de ce mois d’Août, se construisant de régénérations désinvoltes et éphémères, une lumière blanche avait envahi l’espace et irradiait désormais le monde réel et ses frontières métaphysiques. A cette minute, sous ce ciel chargé d’azurs imparables, rien ne semblait pouvoir différencier le réel du surréel, chacun s’immisçant dans les carcans de l’autre dans un fracas de simplicité.

While nature was spinning in the hot air of this month of august, building itself from casual and ephemeral regenerations, a white light had invaded the space and was now irradiating the real world and its metaphysical borders. At this very minute, under a sky loaded with inevitable blues, nothing seemed to be able to differenciate the real from the surreal, each of them being able to get involved into the constraint of each other in a racket of simplicity.

From inside cultures, people and countries, Léon wants to reflect the world as it is. With and without lines, Léon tries not to lie about what he sees and lets know what people express, and what landscapes tell. Photographic work processed with films (Ilford HP5, XP2, FP4, Pan 100 & Pan 50, Portra 800, 400 & 160, Velvia 100 & 50, Sensia 100, Ektar 100, APX 100, Fomapan 200, Tri-X 400, Rolleï 400, BW400CN & Superia 400) by Nikkormat FS, 1968 & Praktica MTL5, 1984.